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MVAA Officers
Ben Nelson, President
B.S. Computer Science 2001
Trombone Rank Captain 1997-1998
Drum Major 1999-2001
Member of Phi Beta Sigma fraternity, Inc

Married to Lindsey (TBS, color guard, Biology, 2004). Living in Haymarket, VA. Two sons, Noah and Drew. One dog, Tyson. Working in Chantilly, VA as a software engineer at ManTech International. Six seasons of marching with the MVs still isn't enough for me...
Stephen Eldridge, President-Elect
B.A Political Science 1996
Wake Forest University School of Law (J.D. 2001)
Marching Virginians 1993 - 1996
Supply Officer 1995 - 1996
Kappa Kappa Psi Alumni Secretary 1994 - 1996

Married to Emily Poti ('00) since 2004. Daughter Abby born 2008. Practicing with a Richmond law firm focusing on commercial real estate financing transactions.
Chuck VanDyke, President Ex-Officio
B.S. Electrical Engineering '88
Snare '85-'88, Bass Drum '84

Married fellow MV alum Lisa Ellis in 1990 and now resides in Greensboro, NC with their two children (and future MVs) Ryan and Reilly. Chuck is a Project Strategy Manager with Volvo Trucks of North America.
Paul Correll, Secretary
B.S. Computer Science '05
M.S. Software Engineering, George Mason '09
MV Trombone '00 - '04
Brother of Kappa Kappa Psi

Currently working as a Software Engineer for TASC in Chantilly, VA. Married to Linda Gross (MV Bone '99 - '06). We reside in Sterling, VA with our cats (Buddy and Molly), leopard gecko (Izzy), ball python (Jack), and bearded dragon Sid. I enjoy playing guitar, video games, basketball, golf, working out, talking about my 401(k), and taking long walks on the beach. Like most MVs, I love Virginia Tech.
Dave Whiteside, Treasurer
1987-93ish (best 6 years of my life); Tuba...2-year Rank Captain

Grew up in Mechanicsville, VA where I still live with my better half, Michele. Have served on the MVAA board going on 10 years. I play in the band Naughty Little Monkey with Corey Smith and Mike App (both MVs). I also am a NCAA Division III football official which means I unfortunately only get to see a few Tech games each year (but can probably tell you why you didn't like the call on the field). I currently work as a Sales Manager for a small insurance company. I'm an aquarius, have a small mole on the back of my knee, and enjoy eating peanut butter and banana sandwiches while watching re-runs of Barney Miller.
Matt McHugh, Information Officer
B.S. Computer Science '03, Music and Math minors
Mellophone '99 - '02, Rank Captain '02

Married Sarah George (MV Flag '01 - '04, current MV Flag Coordinator) in 2005. After a brief stint in Fairfax, VA, we decided to pursue a location that provided a slower pace of life. Fortunately, the MVs needed someone to help instruct the flags, so we landed back in Blacksburg. I currently work for Excella Consulting as a Senior Consultant, where I spend every day mentoring and training the next generation of software developers from VT.
Dennis Furr, Member-at-Large 1974-79

Had the honor and privilege of being the first drum major of the Marching Virginians.

Lives in Manassas, VA and is married to Susan, has three children, Rebekah, Micah,and Abigail. He works for a federal contractor as an information assurance analyst, and moonlights with the same company as a business developer. Dennis spent many years training Computer Emergency Response Teams for both the U.S. Army National Guard as well as domestic and foreign companies.
Bob White, Member-at-Large 1980-84

Profile coming soon...
Mark Wilson, Member-at-Large 1985-89

B.S. Aerospace Engineering '89
MV: '85-'89

Married Chris Bovee (MV Pic '85 - '89) in 1990. Three great kids - Dan (current MV Trumpet), a junior at Tech; Ben (future MV Trumpet), a senior; and Madelyn (future MV Trumpet), an 8th grader. Currently living in Chesapeake, VA and getting back to Blacksburg as often as possible.
Kristine Bryant, Member-at-Large 1990-94

Bach. Architecture, VT 1990
MV Flag Rank Captain 1987
MV Flag Co-Captain 1988-89
MS Ed., Old Dominion University 1995

Married to Dean Bryant and living in Alexandria, Virginia with our cat, Spooky, and cockatiel, Mozart. Special education teacher (motto: "Disciplining tomorrow's leaders today") since 1995 in various VA and DC locales; currently in Prince William County. Loves books, cooking, painting murals, and Alex Ovechkin, in roughly that order. Go Caps! And Hokies!
Mike Swann, Member-at-Large 1995-99

B.A. Music Education '98
MV: '92-'98 (Not many credits transfer b/w Mech. Eng. and Music Ed)
Bone Section Leader: '94-'97
Senior Staff: '97-'98

Married to my wonderful wife Sarah. Two great kids (Read as: Future MVs) Benjamin - 6, Nathaniel - 2.
Erin Forys, Member-at-Large 2000-04

B.S. Hospitality/Tourism Management, Minor in Biology '04
M.S. Hospitality/Tourism Management, '05
Trombone 2000-04
Trombone Rank Captain 2003-04

Married Mike Forys (MV Bone 2001-04) in 2006. We live in Toano, VA, with our daughter, Emma, and two dogs, Theoden and Eomer. Currently, I work VERY part-time at Barnes and Noble and I am a full-time Mom, who would have thought?
Travis Denardo, Member-at-Large 2005-09

B.S. Business Information Technology '06
Baritone 2002-05 (Baritone)
Kappa Kappa Psi Treasurer 2003

Blacksburg born and raised. Graduated from Blacksburg High and enrolled at VT in 2001. I was a member of the MVs, Symphonic Band, and Kappa Kappa Psi during my time at Tech. Currently I work as a Systems Engineer for TASC in Chantilly, VA and live in Ashburn, VA. Life here is a little more fast-paced, which is why I like to visit family and friends in Blacksburg so often. I like playing golf, technology, travelling, and keeping in touch with those great friends I made at Tech. Go Hokies!!
Steve Rich, Member-at-Large 2010-14

B.A. Communication '11, Minors in Creative Writing and Pop Culture
Tuba '07-'10
Executive Officer '09-'10

Grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia and came to VT originally for Engineering. Served two years as XO before inevitably graduating. Currently working towards a Master's degree in Journalism at Mizzou.
Logan Willard, Kappa Kappa Psi Rep.
Profile coming soon...
Taylor Cupp, Tau Beta Sigma Rep.
B.A. Geography '09
Trombone '06-'09
Rank Captain '08-'09
Tau Beta Sigma '07-'09 (Historian, Vice President)

Married husband Kevin in June of 2013. Currently living in Christiansburg, VA and working in the School of Architecture + Design at Virginia Tech as a Program Specialist. Not looking to leave the area anytime soon!
Katie Plummer, MV Executive Officer
Katie Plummer is a Senior who currently calls Coronado, CA home. She is majoring in Ocean Engineering with a Green Engineering minor in hopes this will keep her near the water. She loves spending time with the fellow members of the clarinet section in Lane and keeps herself busy as Vice President of Chi Omega Sorority as well as baking, running, and hoping she'll be back in the ocean soon. She looks forward to serving the Marching Virginians as Executive Officer and is beyond excited to spend another beautiful fall in the best place on Earth cheering on the Hokies, meeting new MVs, and serving Virginia Tech with The Spirit of Tech.
Dave McKee, Director, MVs
David McKee serves as director of The Marching Virginians. A native of Lynchburg, he received his B.M.E. from Shenandoah Conservatory of Music in 1976 and his M.A.Ed. from Virginia Tech in 1986. He joined the Marching Virginians as a graduate assistant in 1984 and took over as director in 1986.

Under his direction, The Marching Virginians have performed throughout the nation for football games, parades and other activities, sharing performances with bands from such schools as the University of Texas, Florida State University, and the University of Tennessee. Under McKee's guidance, the Marching Virginians Alumni Association has developed into an exceptional source of networking and funding for the Marching Virginians, providing well over a half-million dollars of support to the band.

In addition to directing The Marching Virginians, McKee conducts the Symphony Band during the spring semester. He is an active guest conductor, clinician, and advocate for music education in public schools. At the 2007 Virginia Music Educators Association Conference in Norfolk, he served as a percussionist, orator, and conductor within the span of forty-eight hours. In 2005, Mr. McKee was awarded a Certificate of Teaching Excellence by the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences. He is a member of the ACC Band Directors Association, past-president of the Big East Band Directors Association and has served on the Athletic Band Advisory Committee of the College Band Directors National Association. He and his wife, Charlotte, celebrated their thirty-fifth anniversary in the summer of 2011. They are the proud parents of three adult children.
Polly Middleton, Assistant Director, MVs
Polly Middleton is assistant director of the Marching Virginians, director of the Hokies Pep Band, and director of the Campus Band at Virginia Tech. Previous to her appointment at Virginia Tech in 2011, she was completing coursework for a doctorate in music education at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, where she studied with James Keene and Robert Rumbelow. At the University of Illinois, Middleton conducted the University Band, directed the Basketball Band, taught the Marching Illini, and supervised student teachers. She earned the master of music degree in wind conducting from Indiana University, where she studied with Stephen Pratt. She received a bachelor of music education degree from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, where she was a drum major for the Marching Illini.

She was the associate director of bands at Plainfield High School in Plainfield, Illinois, and worked with all aspects of the program, including concert bands, chamber ensembles, jazz band, and athletic bands. She is an active clinician and serves on the conducting faculty at the Indiana University Summer Music Clinic in Bloomington, Indiana. She is an active performer and played horn in the top ensembles at Indiana University and the University of Illinois.

Polly maintains professional affiliations with the College Band Directors National Association, College Music Society, National Association for Music Education, and National Band Association. She is an honorary member of Tau Beta Sigma and received the Gary E. Smith award for excellence in the Marching Illini and Wind Symphony. In 2011, Middleton received the A. A. Harding Award, the most prestigious recognition awarded for outstanding performance, achievement, and service to the University of Illinois Bands.
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