Welcome to the 2019 Edition of The Marching Virginians!

It’s hard to believe that summer is halfway over and we are preparing for the coming season of Hokie football. I hope you have had a relaxing and enjoyable summer and are ready to come join The Marching Virginians!

I am excited to come back for my second year as the Director of The Marching Virginians with Chad Reep in his third year as Assistant Director. We are both ready for Hokie football and an exciting season—are you?

We have some great games this season, including a Friday night game against Duke on September 27th, a Saturday game on November 9th against Wake Forest for Band Parents Day, and our annual pregame performance on November 22nd. We also have an away game at UVA to look forward to—hoping to increase the Hokie’s winning streak to 16 years! Get set for an incredible season performing for over half a million football fans!

Executive Officer Drew Robertson-Gouge and his officers have been working hard throughout the summer to prepare for your arrival and the rest of the season. They are doing a GREAT job!

What can you do to prepare for a successful audition? Practice the music! The more in shape your chops are, the better you will do throughout the audition process. The audition takes place over multiple days and includes music and marching components, so you’ll want to make sure that you are in shape and ready to play for hours every day!

Band Camp registration is due by THURSDAY, AUGUST 1. If you are living on campus, please select your accurate DATE OF ARRIVAL and carefully read all materials. Please note that the schedule is very tight on check-in day, so plan your arrival in Blacksburg accordingly.

Whether it’s your first or fifth year with the MVs, carefully read all the pertinent information on this site and respond accordingly. Be sure to check the Band Camp schedule carefully—it has changed from previous years! Enjoy the rest of your summer, and we will see you in August with The Spirit of Tech, THE MARCHING VIRGINIANS.


Dr. Polly Middleton
Director, The Marching Virginians

Registration for Band Camp 2019 has Closed.

Please email polly@vt.edu if you have questions.

MV Band Camp FAQ

What does my audition include?

There are three components to the audition—Music, Marching, and Attitude. We expect you to do the work as best you can (play well, drum well, spin well), march well (left foot, right foot, posture, carriage, etc.), and approach the process ready to learn! You will make mistakes throughout the audition process, and that’s okay. Think about how you deal with those mistakes. We always strive to do better and be better. Dust yourself off and move on!

The most important part of your preparation is practicing for your music audition. Make sure to look at the audition music in advance. Read the letters from your section leaders that will have more information about the specific music audition.

How many people make the band?

In order to present a well-balanced musical and visual presentation, we have a set instrumentation. Our goal is: 36 piccolos, 36 clarinets, 36 saxes, 63 trumpets, 27 horns, 36 trombones, 14 baritones, 22-24 tubas, 35 percussion, 36 flags, 1-3 feature twirlers, and 8-14 managers.

Everyone is auditioning for a spot in the band. Whether you are a first-year student at Virginia Tech, or preparing for your senior year in the band, you have to go through the audition process. Everyone has a great chance of being part of the Marching Virginians. Practice, practice, practice!

Who determines who makes the band?

Student leaders, with the guidance and oversight of the directors, applied music faculty, and staff make the decisions based on music, marching, and attitude.

What if I don't make it?

  • Talk to Dr. Polly about being a manager after the auditions are completed.

  • Come play in Symphony Band, Campus Band, or Pep Band.

  • Register to re-audition next year. Many members audition multiple times before becoming a member!

Is there a band dorm?

If you're an incoming first-year student who is NOT living in a living and learning community, we may be able to offer space in residence hall with other MVs. Although this is not an official living and learning community, this opportunity would allow band members to live in the same hall, so you’re more likely to see a friendly face in the hallway! You can also request to have a band member as a roommate. This is a great way to meet someone who has similar interests and a similar schedule (especially on game day!). If you’re interested in this option, reach out to Dr. Polly or Chad when you are in town for First-Year Orientation.

If you have questions or concerns, please let Dr. Polly know BEFORE July 25!

When (and what) is Band Parents Day?

BAND PARENTS DAY (BPD) is designated for the Wake Forest game on Saturday, November 9. We won’t have a block of tickets for the game this year, so we encourage you to purchase tickets through the Athletics Ticket Office or utilize ticket exchanges such as StubHub and TechSideline Ticket Exchange.. The band is performing to the EAST SIDE of the Stadium for that game, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding a seat to watch and enjoy the Marching Virginians performing halftime! There's also a pregame tailgate for which you can purchase tickets!

We'll send reminders about BPD throughout the season!

Is this your first year with The Marching Virginians? Make sure to also read our New MV FAQ for more frequently-asked questions!