Meet The Bloggers!

Callie Ayala


Callie Ayala is a freshman at Tech studying the social sciences as a student in university studies while she decides on a major. This is her first year with the Marching Virginians, and she is repeatedly surprised at the hard work and dedication all band members exhibit in both practice and at the games. She is extremely excited and motivated to continue her work with the band the best she can, as a marcher and a blogger. When Callie is not marching on the field or practicing her instrument, she is out socializing with the sisters from Tech’s honorary band sorority, Tau Beta Sigma, studying in Deet’s, drawing or writing in her dorm, or out with her friends around Blacksburg. Callie is forever thankful for the band continuously providing opportunities for her to explore her passions, such as music and writing, and cannot wait to share her experiences with you.

Eric Chang


Eric is a senior studying aerospace engineering with minors in computer science, math, and music. After marching two years on the tenor sax, Eric has served as a drum major for the 2017-18 and 2018-19 seasons. Outside of marching band, Eric works with the brothers of Kappa Kappa Psi to help serve the university bands, and he plays with the Academic Competition Organization team. Eric is excited to share the many stories of The Marching Virginians.

Ashley Deans


Ashley is a junior studying marketing with minors in psychology and international business. She has been a member of The Marching Virginians’ Flag Corps since her freshman year at VT and loved every moment! In addition, she is a member of the Multimedia Team for the MVs, working to create the public image of the band. When she isn’t at band practice, you can find her hanging out with friends, working at the Communications Lab on campus, spinning with ValienT Indoor Guard at Virginia Tech, working on a project for her service sorority, Delta Chi Gamma, studying, or exploring the lovely town of Blacksburg. “Marching with the Virginians” is incredibly meaningful to Ashley, and it is her pleasure to run, edit, and write for the blog.

Jordan Downing


Jordan is a sophomore at Virginia Tech with a double major in creative writing and English literature and language. This is her second year in the Marching Virginians as a part of the piccolo section. She is also a member of Tau Beta Sigma, the honorary band sorority, where she enjoys spending time with her sisters as well as serving the band through various fundraisers and events. She is an avid writer and even had a book published while she was in high school. She has a passion for swimming and has worked as a lifeguard for the past five years. She also enjoys hiking in the mountains and spending time with her pets back home. Jordan is so excited to embark on the new adventure of writing for “Marching with the Virginians.”

Alana Hassett


Alana is a junior from Vienna, Virginia, majoring in professional writing and creative writing. She is passionate about writing, especially for kids, and hopes to work in publishing or technical writing after graduation. She currently serves as the Online Content Officer of The Marching Virginians, running all of the band’s social media and collecting content to represent the band. She loves movies, her golden retriever, Riley, chocolate-peanut butter milkshakes, and playing cymbals for The Marching Virginians.

Erin Slezak


Erin is a sophomore at Tech pursuing a creative writing and professional and technical writing double major. She has been a member of the Marching Virginians since her freshman year. Her first year she served as a Marching Virginians Manager and now she is a member of the Piccolo section.  Because her favorite pastime is writing, choosing to be an MV Blogger was an easy decision. She also loves to read, knit, bullet journal, and stress out over small things. She is so excited to share the stories and experiences of other MV’s who have made her time with the band so special.

Alex Springer


Alex is in her third year at Tech double majoring in multimedia journalism and mathematics. She is proud to be serving as the Public Relations Officer for the MVs this season. She loves writing our pressbooks and is excited to contribute to Marching with the Virginians. This season, Alex plays on the cymbal line and is excited to be spending her first season on the field! The past two years, she worked behind-the-scenes as a manager. In her free time, Alex enjoys sports, photography, reading and cooking. She also serves as Tau Beta Sigma’s Vice President of Service. The first outfit Alex ever wore was decked out in orange and maroon. With members from all corners of her family as Tech alumni, Virginia Tech has always been home. Her favorite memory as an MV is when ESPN captured a video of her screaming her head off at Bristol Motor Speedway with her best friends. 

Atlas Wass


Atlas is a freshman at Virginia Tech, double majoring in engineering and French. She is currently in the general engineering program and intends to minor in mathematics as well. She is a first-year member of the piccolo section. In addition, she has played the flute for over 13 years and has been playing the bagpipes since June of 2017. She is a member of The Marching Virginians’ Multimedia Team, scripting videos, recording and editing audio and video, and writing for the blog. Outside of marching band, Atlas works as a long-distance liaison for NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, developing the medical center for the long-term Mars habitation unit. She can be found skating around campus, practicing her calligraphy, working, or studying.