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About the MVAA


The Marching Virginians Alumni Association (MVAA) was formed in 1984 in order to support The Marching Virginians and their director, and to give alumni the opportunity to reconnect.

Anyone who completed at least one season with The Marching Virginians is considered a member of The Marching Virginians Alumni Association!

The MVAA is led by a Board of Directors that meet in Blacksburg twice each year - once in the fall at MV Alumni Day, and again in the spring at the annual Board Retreat.  The Board consists of Officers (President, Secretary, Treasurer, etc.) and a panel of Members-at-Large who each represent the alumni from a 5-year period of the band's history.

During the football season, the MVAA supports the current band and its alumni through ice cream socials, goody-bags for away games, and the organization of the annual MV Alumni Day event.  Throughout the year, the MVAA supports the band through fundraising and advocacy efforts.


If you would like to learn more about the MVAA and its activities, please visit out our Facebook Page, and consider joining the MVAA Email List to receive notifications.


Current MVAA Board of Directors

  • President - Dave Whiteside

  • President-Elect - Paul Correll

  • President-Ex Officio - Steve Eldridge

  • Secretary - Travis Denardo

  • Treasurer - Dennis Furr

  • Information Technology Officer - Matthew Bollinger

  • Online Content Officer - Linda (Gross) Correll

  • Kappa Kappa Psi Representative - Logan Willard

  • Tau Beta Sigma Representative - Taylor Cupp

  • Member-at-Large 1974-1979 - Jim Sheppard

  • Member-at-Large 1980-1984 - Dave Saunders

  • Member-at-Large 1985-1989 - Katie Ziemer

  • Member-at-Large 1990-1994 - Lisa Van Dyke

  • Member-at-Large 1995-1999 - Kelly Pickeral

  • Member-at-Large 2000-2004 - Julian Davis

  • Member-at-Large 2005-2009 - Megan McCollough

  • Member-at-Large 2010-2014 - Katie Plummer

  • Member-at-Large 2015-2019 - TBD


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