Once an MV, Always an MV

The alumni of the Marching Virginians contribute to the program’s rich history and create a supportive and loving network.  It’s no secret that band kids are destined for success.  Let’s check in to see where our alumni are now! 

The Marching Virginians sure have expanded from Blacksburg!  While many alumni stayed in Virginia or the East Coast, a good portion have expanded across the United States and even the world. 

A map of where alumni who took a survey currently live.

A map of where alumni who took a survey currently live.

The Marching Virginians alumni have a unique set of professions.  Many alumni continued with music and became band directors.  A large portion are engineers of different varieties.  There are stay at home parents, raising the next generation of Marching Virginians.  Some alumni are saving lives.  Others are saving the environment.  Whatever the Marching Virginians alumni are doing, they are paving their own path and making the world a better place. 

No matter how successful they are, the Marching Virginians alumni are influenced by the memories they made when performing with the MV’s.

Marching Virginians of 1974; Source: Facebook

Marching Virginians of 1974; Source: Facebook

“Being on the field while jumping to Sandman for the first time ever.” -Jennifer Cottle Sliter, Flag Class of 2004

“My last time performing the Pregame show in Lane Stadium. I remember being so overwhelmed with emotion during the company front/horn pop moment. I don’t think I’d ever put that much air through my horn. It felt like the ultimate culmination of every performance over the past 4 years. I definitely cried during that one.” -Sophie Tenaglia, Horn Class of 2015

“Celebrating my 21st birthday with the MVs at the Sugar Bowl. I'll never forget having 330 Strong sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to me on the plane!” -Megan McCollough, Trombone Class of 2007

“The first performance we did after the shootings at a local high school and then the one we did in August at Stack's high school.” -Lindsey Boyle, Trombone Class of 2010

“I met my wife in the MV’s. Just celebrated 32 years!” -Carl Pauli, Baritones Class of 1986

MV alumni have learned important life lessons from the Marching Virginians that they continue to uphold.

MVBones at the 1997 Gator Bowl. Source: Facebook

MVBones at the 1997 Gator Bowl. Source: Facebook

“Individual accomplishments are nothing without a great team of folks working by your side. Either by actually working with you or supporting you, never underestimate your peers. Always keep track of the close friends you make in the MV’s. They will be the best support network for the rest of your lives (and you for them)!” -Chris “Stu” Stuard, Trombone Class of 1999

“SELL IT! It doesn't matter if you think you have no idea what you're doing or look ridiculous, you have to exude confidence and make other people think you know what you're doing and having the best time.” -Elissa Lichtman, Clarinet Class of 2018

“Dedication makes all the difference” -Kellie Adamowski, Flag Class of 2001 

“The friendships gained through the MVs last a lifetime. In the last 20 years we lost loved ones, dealt with cancer, babies, divorces, you name it and my MV friends have been there to support each other through all of it!!” -Lisa Lowery Deal, Flag Class of 2001

“Servant leadership really does have a ripple effect” -Ben Nelson, Trombone/Drum Major Class of 2001 

“Taking the time to get to know people because everyone has an important story to share.” -Julie Satterwhite, Piccolo Class of 2011

Former Director of the Marching Virginians, Dave McKee always said, “you will be an alumnus of this band much longer than you will be a member.”  Never forget the lessons and memories made in this band as you excel through life.  No matter how far you go, This is Home.  #mvs4lyfe