The 2019 Vision

As the new season quickly approaches, the Marching Virginians strive to evolve and improve to make sure we are the best we can be.  Members are able to accomplish this task by setting personal goals and imagining what the Marching Virginians can accomplish as a whole.

Without personal goals our organization lacks the passion and drive that leads to legendary performances.  Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a new member, envisioning your future in the MVs can lead to a successful season for everyone.

Julia Pimentel working hard at band camp 2018; Source: The Spirit of Tech Facebook

Julia Pimentel working hard at band camp 2018; Source: The Spirit of Tech Facebook

One common personal goal is to improve overall marching and playing skills.  By improving individual skills, the band will be stronger as a whole, and the shows can be more complex and entertaining to the audience.       

“[I want to] practice more. I will be up at 6 am practicing outside my dorm” -Julia Pimentel, Sophomore Color Guard Captain

“I want to cater pep tunes during the football games more towards what is happening on the field, rather than just the first song I can think of” -Ashlyn McDonald, Senior Drum Major

“[My goal is to] make the rifle line again… I love spinning rifle as much as I do flag, so I want to give it 110 percent” -Michaela Patterson, Senior Color Guard

Another equally important personal goal is to improve morale during practice. It can be difficult to keep the positivity up during long, hot rehearsals, but a good attitude leads to productive and enjoyable practices.

“[I aim] to be the most supportive, positive and effective leader I can be for the Flag Corps and the entirety of the MVs” -Julia Pimentel, Sophomore Color Guard Captain

“[I plan to] keep up the positive energy and mutual support through our common goal and love of music” -Lexie Hackman, Junior Saxophone 

The Marching Virginians have continued to inspire spirit from Hokie Nation! Although animating the audience is one of the strengths of the Marching Virginians, that does not mean it cannot be improved.  Members of the Marching Virginians aim to continue and improve this tradition.

“[My goal is] to continue to hype crowds with awesome performances at half time and music from the stands” -Julia Pimentel, Sophomore Color Guard Captain

“[I want to] continue to be the highlight of every football game.” -Lexie Hackman, Junior Saxophone

“I want us to be the best that we can be for our audience at all times” -Ashlyn McDonald, Senior Drum Major

While promoting spirit is our main purpose, the Marching Virginians are so much more than that.  The Marching Virginians provide a unique and worthwhile social experience.  Many members wish to take additional action to improve the social environment of the band. 

“It would be cool if the band could do more games or have events where you can meet others outside of your section” -Nikki Jean, Sophomore Trombone               

With every season, the Marching Virginians aim to improve in order to create memorable halftime shows while providing a unique and rewarding experience for its members.  Hopefully, this year can be the best one yet!